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“CN Blue – In My Head” Menjadi Soundtrack untuk Japanese Animation

Haiii BIOCE (nama fans CN Blue),, apa kabar?
Hmm…sudah tahukah info yang satu ini, yaitu tentang lagu terbaru CN Blue yang terpilih sebagai soundtrack film animasi Jepang?
Yap,, beberapa waktu lalu saya membaca di bahwa lagu “In My Head”-nya CN Blue yang beraliran rock itu menjadi soundtrack film animasi Jepang. Wah…hebat yah,, chukhae Yonghwa oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Minhyuk, dan Jungshin cingu.
Lagu “In My Head” telah menerima perhatian yang lebih akhir-akhir ini, karena telah dipilih sebagai lagu tema untuk mengakhiri program animasi baru di Nihon TV, ‘Supernatural‘. Supernatural adalah spinoff dari serial animasi populer di Amerika.

CN Blue
CN Blue

Berikut ini kutipan asli dari

CN BLUE’s “In My Head” is a hit song written and composed by leader Jung Yonghwa, as well as the song that the boys is slated make their major debut with in Japan.

But the song has been receiving some more attention as of late, as it has been chosen as the ending theme song for Nihon TV‘s new animation program, ‘Supernatural‘. ‘Supernatural’ is an animation spinoff of the popular American series.

The news couldn’t come at a better time, as the boys are planning their major Japanese debut for October 19th. It was a favorable way to promote their new song, and it also serves an opportunity for Yonghwa to be further recognized as a talented musician.

CNBLUE recently held a Indies concert at the Yokohama Arena in Japan for 15,000 fans on September 25th.

Source & Image : SportsDongA via Nate




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