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Hai EXO’s fans. Nice to meet you all guys…
I’m an EXO fan since their first album has been release. Hehehe…
I just…. WOW… how amazing they are. Their voices (actually DO, Chen, and Baekhyun), their dance moves, their looks, and their performs. I think EXO is combination of DBSK+Super Junior+ SHINee. Do you agree with me? That’s just my opinion.

Ok, let’s move to the main topic.
Have you watch EXO’s MAMA music video?
I think there’re some funny facts in MAMA music video. Let’s check it out!

1. How can butterfly flying around typhoon?

2. The car doesn’t move (flung away) although there was an earthquake

3. DO’s part on 3:34 shouting “yeeaaaahhh” but there was Kai face in the MV and Kai looks shouting “yeeaaahhh” too
kai should be do

Maybe that’s all for now. Hehehe…
I’m sorry if there’re some mistake in my sentences. I’m just a newbie for EXO. But I love EXO so much.
Thanks for reading my short article.

See you…



I'm Robita, an Indonesian girl who loves writing than speaking, loves singing and playing music, and prefers to be quiet than arguing. All my posts here are describing my skills in writing related to my age, my knowledge, my experience, my hobby, and my interest at that time.

Satu tanggapan untuk “FACT ABOUT EXO’S MAMA MV

  1. Lol… The butterfly can fly in typhoon because Sehun said he can. Now your argument is invalid.
    The car is not moving, because it’s stronger then D.O’s “earthquake”.
    And Kai is shouting because he can.
    So yah, my version… :DD

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