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Review Korean Drama (Ruler: Master of The Mask)

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Hi everyone, here I want to write about “Ruler: Master of The Mask” a new Korean drama that has been started at May 10th, 2017. I know it’s too early to write a review about this drama, but I just can’t stand like this.

I have just watched the drama for 2 episodes, and I think I can guess the conflicts and so on in the next episodes. I think it’s just like the other Korean dramas. It’s too much drama and I don’t know how but I just feel like oh I can guess what’s going on in the next episodes.

The Crown Prince was too careless and it’s not something new in Korean  drama. Since it’s not my first K-drama that I have watched, I guess my reviews here is not perfunctorily.

These two episodes are too boring to be followed (but I watched them anyway, haha). The way Lee Sun (L) get mad when he wants to kill the Crown Prince, the way Crown Prince or Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) want to take off his mask and run away from the Palace, the way Gon-Ah find a place where the Crown Prince and his guard talking, etc., those are boring!
I’m sorry if my review here isn’t good. But I think it doesn’t matter from which point of view you talk. Since  everyone has their own idea or opinion about something so I think yeah I think it’s my opinion if you has yours you can write down on the comments.

I’m pretty sure someone else will write a positive review about this drama but from my point of view so far I’m not satisfy with this drama even though it’s just two episodes and we still have so many episodes that we haven’t watch yet.

Thank you for coming and reading.

(Someday, when I change my mind about this drama I will write a review  about it) 😉

Thaaaaaaaaannkkkk yoooooouuuu…